LiDAR Acquisition

In today’s competitive geospatial information market, DMI strives to exhibit superb service and delivery of accurate terrain data to clients, which is crucial for planning, development and operations activities.



Although elevation data can be acquired by conventional surveying or photogrammetric techniques, with the use of airborne light detection and ranging, LiDAR provides digital mapping projects with highly accurate basemap information. This is a cost-effective method to acquire elevation data; the data is complied and processed to generate very detailed bare earth models in CADD, ESRI, LAS, or ASCII formats. Derived imagery can be comprised of planimetric detail, digital surface models (DSM), digital elevation models (DEM), digital terrain models (DTM) and topographic maps.


LiDAR data points (X, Y and Z) are used to develop the following geospatial deliverables:

        • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
        • Digital Terrain Models (DEM)
        • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
        • Studies of Vegetation Layer
        • 3D Models

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