Orthophotography Services

DMI has been producing Orthophotgraphy for over 28 years, we strive to delivery and provide only high quality Orthophotos; an Orthophoto is similar to a traditional map product but unlike to the traditional map the orthophoto is capable to exhibit actual ground features.

Orthophoto Maps

Not until recently, the orthophoto was produced with both digital and optical processing. With the use of DMI’s top-of-the-line equpiments, we are able to make digital orthophotography become a commercial production reality with assured quality service and cost effectiveness. Our objective is to help provide our clients with orthophotography that is visually appealing, while maintaining precise input data.

Our Unique Orthophoto Production

When producing an orthophoto, there are four unique procedures that are applied to a standard vertical aerial photo. The first step is the adjustment with horizontal corrections across the image. The second correction includes the removal of the relief displacement to position the topography to its exact and accurate location. The third procedure is to assign X & Y coordinate values to the photo. The last step incorporates radiometric or tonal adjustments in order to blend the image while providing an appealing photo.

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