Aerial Mapping Pilot

Full Time

Role and Responsibilities

  • Mission planning (including aircraft performance calculations)
  • Weather interpretation and reporting
  • Ground support coordination, air traffic control coordination.
  • Managing FAA record compliance
  • Maintaining all required charts, publications, and manuals
  • Moving aircraft in and out of hanger
  • Performing a pre-flight and a post-flight inspection of the aircraft which includes cleaning the exterior and interior after each aerial flight mission.
  • Extensive travel on long deployments
  • Must be able to work on mornings and late evenings


  • High School Diploma or the equivalent
  • FAA Multi-engine Commercial Pilot License
  • 1000 Hours Total Time
  • 500 Hours for Multi Engine
  • 500 Hours for Single Engine - 2nd Class medical
  • Experience with Navajo and Bonanza
  • Experience in acquiring aerial imagery is a plus

How to apply:

To be considered for positions, applicants are required to submit an Application for Employment form, a curriculum vitae, an official transcript showing highest degree earned and a minimum of two references with phone numbers. The positions will remain open until filled.

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