We have a vast collection of stock photos and historical imagery. These images can be requested in print or digital format at any specific size.

3-inch, 6-inch, or 1 foot Pixel Orthophotography

Our clients who benefit from this service/product are government agencies, engineering firms, and real estate firms. DMI provides our clients with an immense amount current and historical imagery, these images can be delivered in digital or print at any specific size. Clients can request historical images for property analysis or imagery that are used for legal / litigation reasons. DMI also specializes in offering standard mosaics or it can be customized at any size at the clients' request.
Pixel Orthophotography


DMI’s unique digital mapping camera system (Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera) is the industry’s most precise turnkey digital camera system. This camera allows us to support aerial photogrammetric operations for a broad array of geographic information systems and mapping. The acquisition data provides small to large-scale images at the highest resolution while upholding excellent accuracy. This state-of-the-art camera enables our digital workflow to have precise images which allows our technician to then produce top-quality images.